Étonner began in 2012 as a car perfume Escape in Camargue by Etonner auto perfume. Étonner is a modern international brand with French culture, romantic fashion and slightly luxurious.
The VI vision system was designed by the prominent Italy Designer, Russell Haines. 
The perfume bottles were designed by Valerie Normain, a modern and innovative French designer ( who has won the Red-dot Design Award). 
Étonner perfumery compounds come from Expressions Parfumées, in Glasse , France. 
Étonner is a fashion brand for elegance and romantic. Étonner, A touch of French elegance. 


Etonner Perfume are designed by Valerie Normain, a well-known French designer ( Who has won the Red-dot Design Award).The design inspiration is inspired by the sports car. The perfume bottles are simple, uncluttered compositions, like a sports car. It makes users think of the noble sports car, When people stare at the perfume bottle.


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