Romantic Elopement Route


"When we talk about Paris, What do we talk about?" 

In Paris, We have invited French designers who have won the red dot design award Valerie Nomain designed the perfume bottle to match the romantic and elegant nature of parisians. The bottle is like a flying sports car, with extremely smooth lines, and it is set off with perfume and smart temperament.


"Go to Grasse, the Perfume Capital" 

Here, warm and soft suitable climate, suitable for the natural growth of flowers, natural distillation extract essential oil, the original way of storage, so as to let the fragrance sweet mellow dispersion.


"Selected plant ingredients"

Natural plants are preferred to extract aromatherapy essential oil, which is natural and healthy. It does not contain industrial flavoring ingredients and does not corrode the interior decoration.Pure fragrance, fresh and natural, effectively eliminate odor, purify the air, give people a pleasant feeling.

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