Encounter in the Bay of Angels 

The design of Encounter in the Bay of Angels is inspired by Bay of Angels, the most attractive bay along the Mediterranean coast in France. The bottle’s curvy body echoes to the wings of an angel, embracing a coast combining two colors, azure and golden, which form a mix of gentleness and sexiness.

Conquer in Chamonix

Chamonix is a sacred destination for brave people to conquer the nature and challenge themselves. It is a place where they climb snow mountains to contact Mont Blanc in zero distance, cross glaciers to enjoy their breathtaking beauty, explore glacial lakes to appreciate their blue limpidity. Conquer in Chamonix is inspired by such power of conquest. It is elegant, noble and liberating, and it contains quiet force of conquest as well as the wild beauty of implicitness.

Chase on the Loire

Chase on the Loire came into being due to dreams. It is inspired by Loire River, one of the fantastic rivers in the world. The picturesque landscapes along Loire have attracted many kings to build their own palaces on its banks. Loire River, whose banks are studded by royal castles, have become a “royal rear garden” for France. The river has an aura of elegance and nobility, creating a feel of fantasy and fairy tales.

Romantic with you all the way

Escape in Camargue is the first star product of Etonner. It is trendy, personalized and full of smartness. It is named after Camargue, a famous natural conservation zone in Provence, France. Escape in Camargue creates a lifestyle realm which is full of relaxing natural elements and far away from urban pandemonium.

A Movable Feast

The design of Movable Paris presented by Etonner is inspired by A Movable Feast, a novel by Ernest Hemingway. The design is based on Hemingway’s philosophy in pursuit of liberty and happiness. It integrates the elements of both elements of western and Chinese traditional art, which keep the movable feast in Paris shining. Movable Paris is a feast that combines visions and smells.

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